What is cerma stm-3

transforms engine components at a microscopic level to deliver unmatched protection and performance.

Cerma STM-3


that embedds a nano-scale silicon carbide (SiC) coating on engine component surfaces. It introduces silicon into the carbon atmosphere inside the engine to permanently treat metal parts. This smooth SiC layer reduces friction, heat, wear, noise and vibration by penetrating and conditioning metal components without altering factory tolerances.


Cleans and

simultaneously cleans while protecting both new and worn engine parts, optimizing performance and fuel economy. It works by modifying the metal structure to act like a sturdy ceramic surface. Silicon carbide is an extremely strong and heat-resistant substance used in high performance aerospace and racing applications.

STM-3 mimics expensive SiC coatings through a single, affordable treatment that transforms engine metallurgy at a molecular level. It provides aerospace-grade protection by leveraging advanced chemistry to take engine lubrication to new heights.