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Cerma's Origins: A Simple Solution to an Annoying Problem

Over 20 years ago, I was an automative engineer working on a confidential project for the U.S. government, researching ways to reduce destructive vibrations in rotating equipment. I can’t disclose details, but this work paved the way for Cerma.

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Cerma's STM-3 technology

scientifically proven to maximize your engine’s efficiency, protection and longevity.

Engine Protection Redefined.

Cerma’s STM-3 technology transforms engine components at a microscopic level to deliver unmatched protection and performance.

Why Choose Cerma Asia as Your PARTNER?

We’re always looking for motivated individuals and companies who want to become an authorized Cerma STM-3 dealer.

Reputation and Trust

Cerma STM-3 has built a strong reputation in the industry. Our treatments are trusted by professionals, enthusiasts, and individuals worldwide, earning us a loyal customer base. Aligning your business with Cerma STM-3 enhances your credibility and reputation as a distributor.

This Is Our Expertise

With over 20 years of experience providing top-tier solutions in the US market, Cerma has earned a reputation for delivering unparalleled quality, service, and real-world results.

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Proven Results
Broad Market Potential
Extended Equipment Life
Professional-Grade Quality
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Our proprietary formula deposits a nano-scale silicon carbide on engine components to dramatically reduce friction and wear.

Fortifies Metals

Transforms and reinforces metal at the molecular level for enhanced durability and strength.

Aerospace Chemistry

Utilizes advanced ceramic chemistry found in jet engines and racing for extreme thermal resistance.

Tribology Expertise

Friction, lubrication, and wear reduction through applied chemistry and engineering.

Precision Engineering

We formulate each product through rigorous lab testing and quality control from start to finish.

Catalyst Driven

Our organometallic compounds kickstart chemical reactions that continue progressively over time, setting us apart from temporary additives.

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Discover Our Products

Gasoline Engine Treatment

$ 20.00

Diesel Engine Treatment

$ 20.00

Automatic Transmission Treatment

$ 20.00

Manual Transmission Treatment

$ 20.00

Cerma STM-3

How It Works

Cerma STM-3 takes a 4-prong approach to optimize engine performance

  • Clean

    Removes harmful carbon deposits and lacquer buildup by emulsifying debris so it can be drained out.

  • Restore

    Reconditions worn seals and piston rings to peak performance. Reduces oil consumption.

  • Lubricate

    Allows oil to flow freely throughout the system, enhancing lubrication. Reduces heat and wear.

  • Protect

    Deposits a nano-ceramic seal on all surfaces that continuously cleans and prevents buildup, keeping the engine running clean.


We Will Always Ready to Serve You

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James Sharron
    James Sharron

    Car Owner

    My Honda 1997 Accord with 180,000+ clearly runs much better after a few days and 250 miles of driving. Quieter, smoother, more pickup. Can't say about millage because I don't keep track of that. Also, years ago I bought a different / similar product for my 96 Saab that worked pretty good but I would buy - recommend Cerma Engine Treatment...


      Car Owner

      at first glance, i thought the price was a little crazy.but some in-the-know car guys that i know convinced me to give it a try, and i probably shouldn't have tried it on my only vehicle, but what the hell :D. my vehicle wasn't in bad shape (2004 silverado 5.3 v8) it had a slight tick at high rpm/high speed, i didn't make loud noises/vibration. i received the Cerma engine treatment very quickly ( fast shipment), eager to try. i used as instructed and im very impressed thus far with the results. improved pick-up, engine is quieter, ticking at high speed gone :D. i believe i will consider purchasing other Cerma products. please note this has been only the first day, will update if anything changes/improves. have a great day

      Alya Allison
        Alya Allison


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