more than an additives

Unlike temporary oil additives, Cerma STM-3 works as a true catalyst to permanently transform and protect your engine. Here’s how it’s different:

As a catalyst, STM-3 kickstarts chemical reactions inside the engine to deposit protective nano-coatings on metal surfaces. - The effects last for the life of the engine. STM-3 does not alter or mix with oil. It uses oil as a carrier to spread through the engine and reach all components

The formula is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe to handle. It's compatible with synthetic oils and won't void equipment warranties.

STM-3 contains no harsh compounds like chlorine, sulfur, graphite, or Teflon that can damage engine parts.

While additives provide short-term benefits, only a true catalyst like Cerma STM-3 can fundamentally transform your engine for the long haul. It works with your oil, not modifying it but unlocking its full potential.